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"The Trustees have mandated changes to the JTAC Apprentice Training Program to adapt to the changing times. Two of the biggest concerns we have is the lack of practical experience with new apprentices, and the second being the lack of subject matter support for home study apprentices. We have implemented some changes which include a greater practical content in the night school program."

Keep Your Ontario College of Trades Certification Current

 As a result of O. Reg 104/14, the JTAC is required to provide current data for each employer, regarding all 313A/D apprentices and journeypersons. This information includes apprentice ratios and OCOT certificate numbers along with OCOT certificate expiry dates. We had found several of our members were delinquent with their payment to OCOT. The Union and the JTAC worked diligently in contacting members and reminding them to have their OCOT dues paid. Failure to remain current with an OCOT membership could result in fines to both you and your employer, along with suspension from employment. An individual with an expired, suspended or no OCOT membership is deemed to be working illegally. Please ensure that your OCOT membership is paid and current! Check your status on OCOT’s site. Journeypersons and Apprentices must keep their membership paid and current with the Ontario College of Trades. Failure to renew will result in expiration of your OCOT membership.

All members need to have a valid/current ODP card

If you have let your card expire then you must take the FULL 1 Day course.
If your card is current, please fill out the renewal form attached, prior to expiry and send to the JTAC office via mail, email or fax, 6 weeks prior to the expiry date of your current ODP, you can download the ODP Renewal form from the JTAC website www.jtac787.org or call the JTAC office for ODP Renewal or Registration into a class. You can fax completed ODP renewal form to 905-790-9711 or email Violeta at violeta.popov@jtac787.org.